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Open every day except mondays.

Tuesday – Friday          10.00 – 18.00
Wednesday                   10.00 – 20.00 Excellent day for cross country tour with a headlamp.
Saturday – Sunday       10.00 – 17.00

Arrangements outside opening hours by contact .

Contact telephone: +47 32 73 12 83
Contact telephone: +47 41 27 06 39

The Heart of Knutefjellet ( ”The Knute Mountain”) since 1929

The charming log cabin was inaugurated on the 2nd of February 1929. Originally Knutehytta was built
70-285for the local sports club (Kongsberg Idrettsforening), but they soon realized that it was a good idea to open the cabin goosenorge
to the public. On Sundays there were special “ski trains” arriving from Oslo. The number of visitors to the cabin could exceed 2,000 on these days.
The log cabin is a popular resort for day-trippers. Surrounded by mountains, ski tracks and nice fishing lakes, it is an ideal area for excursions.
Knutehytta is situated 730 metres above sea level with the mountain peak Jonsknuten in the background. Including the height of the television mast, the peak is 1,000 metres above sea level. It is possible to walk ut to the top in less than an hour. It is a magnificent view up there, and when the weather is nice you can even look all the way to Denmark.
The area around Knutehytta is preserved due to its great cultural-historical 6302.1 value. There has been silver mining activity in the mountain for 335 years (1623-1958).
As new hosts from Oct 2005, we will be faithful to Knutehytta’s distinctive character. We want to offer our guests a warm welcome, good service, a friendly atmosphere and high quality in every respect.
We want our guests to find Knutehytta “a good place to be”. That is our vision.

Welcome to Knutehytta!