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Do I need a KeyCard?

Yes, everyone who buys cards from us must have a keycard. The only exceptions are single trips with the chairlift, which comes with a one-off card.

Is the chairlift open at night?

The chairlift is open throughout our opening hours, whatever day!

Can I ride sitski with you?

Yes! The chair lift is approved for sitski, and we have our own entrance and the elevators have experience with this. Contact the chairlift driver and inform that the sitski entrance should be opened.

When does the season start?

We advertise this through all our news channels. You can also find answers to this by clicking on our opening hours.

Is there a bus I can take to the resort?

Yes, there are various ski bus routes to us.

Which slopes are open?

You can find the answer by cliking on our weather report.

Do you have a webcam?

You can find our live webcam stream by cliking on our weather report.

Do you have a park?

We have a big park with bigjumps, rails and our own lift. In addition, we have our own snowcross trail which is maintained weekly.

If we have to stop the chairlift for 1 hour or more due to wind, you will receive a free day pass for the following day!
Upon closing you will receive bracelets that you exchange to day cards the next day! 🙂

We have Norway's longest opening hours!
We are Norway's only ski resort with wind warranty, 5-year season pass and last but not least:

Welcome to Kongsberg skisenter, we bring you into focus!✅