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Season pass

Here are our prices and terms for season passes
Now we have a 50% offer on season passes for the 2020/2021 season. We only have 4000 items available and the offer lasts as longs as the inventory lasts! New this year are seasonal card benefits. The first benefit is that you get season tickets for this year when you buy season tickets for next year in advance sales. More exclusive season ticket benefits are coming! Don't miss this unique opportunity. Already bought season tickets for next year and don't have season tickets for this year? Come to the Welcome Center and you will receive your season pass this year. Keycard costs kr. 85, - if you haven't already. This of course also applies to those who have already purchased season tickets for next year. Buy here or visit ut as the welcome center.
2020/2021 (LIMITED OFFER)
Child 0-7 Free
Child 7-15 2.000,-
Adult 16-65 2.500,-
Senior 66+ 2.000.-
Family (Up to 5 people) 7.500,-
Keycard 85,-
Child 0-7 Free
Child 7-15 3.990,-
Adult 16-65 4.990,-
Senior 66+ 3.990.-
Family (Up to 5 people) 15.000,-
Keycard 85,-
Helmets are mandatory, for your own safety!
Terms for SkiPass

Alpine National Lands Association Association No. 8/99 GUIDELINES FOR SKIPASS USE


  • Day cards or multi-day cards are valid during regular business hours for the date or dates specified on the card.

  • Season passes apply during regular business hours from the beginning of the winter season to the end of the season.

  • The annual card is valid for normal opening hours for 12 months up to the date stated on the card.

  • Punch cards and point cards are valid until the stamped validity date on the card.


  • SkiPass - except for clip cards and point cards - are personal and cannot be transferred to others. Violation may result in the card being withdrawn. The user must be able to legitimize that he is the rightful holder of the card. The card should be displayed unsolicited upon check.

  • Lost SkiPass is only replaced with a new card when personal data is registered in connection with the purchase of the card and the card can be locked. The facility owner is given the opportunity to charge an administration fee in connection with the issue of a new card.

  • Damage to SkiPass in normal use gives the right to issue a new card.

  • When purchasing a SkiPass, it must state which lifts and slopes are in operation.


  • In case of illness or injury, the card user will be entitled to a proportionate reimbursement of card expenses for the time the card could not be used. The injury or illness must be documented on request through a medical certificate. The card should be returned as soon as possible.


  • The ski center cannot be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances that reduce the offer to the customer when the situation is outside the ski center and which the ski center could not predict or overcome the consequences of the relationship (Force majeure).


  • In the event of damage to items (clothing, equipment, etc.) on the way up that is not caused by negligence on the part of the card user, the card user will be entitled to compensation for financial loss unless a third party is liable for the damage sustained. Such damages must be reported immediately to the plant owner so that the cause and extent of the damage can be determined and proposals for damages made by the plant owner.

NSHF (now ALF) 1999

  What happens if you break the rules?

The SkiPass is personal and cannot be used by others.

Lost cards are not replaced. No return policy.

In case of abuse or violation of the system's rules, the card may be canceled on the spot. This applies to rules regarding lift tickets, as well as signage and blockage violations.

SkiPass can also be revoked in the event of a material violation of the Ski Rules, and in connection with drunken skiing.

SkiPass abuse may incur additional charges or police reports.

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