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Ski rental

  1. Complete = Ski, boots, staves + helmet! Ski/Board = Ski/board + poles

    ​ If you are visiting us on school ski day there are DISCOUNTED RATES ON RENTALS. These can be found below «School ski day».
Adult 16-65 Child 0-15, Senior 66+ The following day (Adult/Child+Senior)
Complete (includes helmet) 450 300 120/100
Ski/Board 300 260 110/100
Boots 150 100 75/50
Staves 100 80 50/40
Helmet 50 50 25/25
Ski glasses 100 100 100/100
Change equipment 100 100
The following day the price per day is extra rent, adult & child.

High end equipment

High end ski: 400kr

High end boots: 200kr

Complete high end: 600kr

When you arrive at the Welcome Center, you must register on registration PCs that are readily available in the same room as the rental. Here you have to register names and personalities and you will get questions about insurance. Initially you are responsible for damages and theft, but you will have the opportunity to buy insurance for this. The insurance covers damage to equipment that has occurred in groomed slopes. Does NOT cover damage done outside the slopes or during theft. Then you will be held responsible.